AU1000 Elevator inverter

AU1000 Elevator inverter

Product Item:
1. Smooth ride performance
2. Integrated brake control
3. Default factory setting user friendly factory, get you started quickly.
4. 4-Indepenent S-Ramps
5. Programmable DC –injection braking
6. Complete functions for elevator application

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AU1000 series concludes below improvement & innovation based on the ordinary V/F inverter. 

With the high-end design and high qualityand reliability, AU1000 series inverter will bring the users all new experience.


1. Simplified parameter for easy start up

2. Comprehensive trip diagnostics

3. High start torque 180%/0Hz at FVC

4. Automatic torque boost

5. Slip compensation

6. Flexible programmable I/O connection

7. Output frequency 0~300Hz

8. In-built dynamic braking unit

9. To protect the mechanical torque limitation

10. High starting torque feature.

11. Superior responsiveness

12. Motor overheating protection

13. Prompt current limit function







Maximum frequency

• Vector control: 0–300 Hz• V/F control: 0–320 Hz



0.5–16 kHz

The carrier frequency is automatically adjusted based on the load features.

Input frequency


Digital setting: 0.01 Hz

Analog setting: maximum frequency x 0.025%

Control mode

• Sensorless flux vector control (SFVC)

• Closed-loop vector control (CLVC)

• Voltage/Frequency (V/F) control

Startup torque

• G type: 0.5 Hz/150% (SFVC); 0 Hz/180% (CLVC)

• P type: 0.5 Hz/100%

Speed range

1:100 (SVC)

1:1000 (FVC)

Speed stability


±0.5% (SVC)

±0.02% (FVC)

Torque control


±5% (FVC)

Overload capacity

• G type: 60sor 150% of the rated current, 3s for 180% of the rated current

• P type: 60s for 120% of the rated current, 3s for 150% of the rated current

Torque boost

• Fixed boost• Customized boost 0.1%–30.0%

 V/F curve

• Straight-line V/F curve• Multi-point V/F curve

• N-power V/F curve (1.2-power, 1.4-power, 1.6-power,1.8-power,square)

V/F separation

Two types: complete separation; half separation

Ramp mode

 • Straight-line ramp• S-curve ramp

Four groups of acceleration/deceleration time with the range of 0.0–6500.0s

DC braking

DC braking frequency: 0.00 Hz to maximum frequency

Braking time: 0.0–36.0s

Braking action current value: 0.0%–100.0%

JOG control

JOG frequency range: 0.00–50.00 Hz

JOG acceleration/deceleration time: 0.0–6500.0s

Onboard multiple preset speeds

It implements up to 16 speeds via the simple PLC function or combination of X terminal states.

Onboard PID

It realizes process-controlled closed loop control system easily.

Auto voltage

regulation (AVR)

It can keep constant output voltage automatically when the mains voltage changes.

Over voltage/

Over current stall Control

The current and voltage are limited automatically during the running process so as to avoid frequent tripping due to over voltage/over current.

Fast current limiting function

Minimizing over-current fault  protect the normal operation of the inverter

Torque limit and control

It can limit the torque automatically and prevent frequent over current tripping during the running process.

Torque control can be implemented in the CLVC mode.



High performance

Control of asynchronous motor and synchronous motor are implemented through the high-performance current vector control technology.

Power dip ride


The load feedback energy compensates the voltage reduction so that the AC drive can continue to run for a short time.

Rapid current limit

It helps to avoid frequent over current faults of the AC drive.

Virtual I/Os


Five groups of virtual DI/Dos can realize simple logic control.

Timing control

Time range: 0.0–6500.0 minutes



Four motors can be switched over via four groups of motor parameters.




It supports communication via Modbus –RTU, PROFIBUSDP, CAN link and CAN open.

Motor overheat


The optional I/O extension card enables AI3 to receive the motor temperature sensor input (PT100, PT1000) so as to realize motor overheat protection.

Multiple encoder


It supports various encoders such as differential encoder, open-collector encoder, resolver, UVW encoder, and SIN/COS encoder.


Q: When will you arrange production?
A: We typically initiate production immediately upon receipt of your payment, provided the item is in stock. Otherwise, please consult with us to confirm the lead time.

Q: What is your accepted payment type?
A: We accept wire transfers, Paypal, Western Union, and Alibaba Trade Assurance. However, and Western Union, along with Alibaba Trade Assurance,  

Q: Which logistic forwarders do you usually work with?
A: We collaborate with reputable logistics providers such as EMS, TNT, UPS, FedEx, and others. You also have the option to designate your own forwarder for shipment.

Q: What voltage range can you support?

· Single 220V input, three-phase 220V output.

· Three-phase 220V input, three-phase 220V output.

· Three-phase 380V input, three-phase 380V output.

· Single-phase 380V input, three-phase 380V output.

· Single 220V input, three-phase 380V output.

· 220V/380V/480V/690V/1140V.

Q: How do you ensure product quality?
A: Our production strictly adheres to the ISO9001 quality control system. Following four rounds of quality inspection and high-temperature testing, we affix the "QA" pass label.

Q: Do you accept OEM business?
A: Yes, we gladly accept OEM and ODM projects with your authorization.

Q: Can I place a sample order?
A: Certainly, we encourage sample orders for quality testing. Mixed samples are also acceptable.

Q: What is the lead time?
A: Sample orders require 3-5 days, while mass production typically takes 1-2 weeks.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee for your products?
A: Yes, we provide an 18-month warranty.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We accept returns within 30 days of delivery for items that are damaged or defective. Please contact our customer service team to initiate the return process.

Q: How can I track my order?
A: Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email. You can use this number to track your shipment through the respective logistics provider's website.

Q: Are your products compliant with international standards?
A: Yes, our products are manufactured to meet or exceed international quality and safety standards. We ensure compliance with relevant regulations and certifications.

Q: Can I customize the specifications of a product?
A: Yes, we offer customization options for certain products. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss your specific requirements and receive a quote.

Q: What do I do if I encounter technical issues with a product?
A: In case of technical issues, please contact our technical support team. They will provide assistance, troubleshooting guidance, or arrange for necessary repairs or replacements.

Q: Is international shipping available?
A: Yes, we offer international shipping. Shipping costs and delivery times vary based on the destination. Please contact us for specific information regarding international shipments.



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