AU720 high performance frequency Inverter

AU720 high performance frequency Inverter

Product Item:
Control Mode:V/F control, Open-loop vectro control
Rated Power:0.75kw-500 kw 
Input voltage :     AC - 220V 1 phase 
                           AC - 220V   3phase 
                           AC - 380V  3 phase 
DC  150V-400V (MPPT)
DC   250V-800V  ( MPPT)
■Excellent performance
■RS485 communication
■Wide voltage input
■Complete protection performance
■Widely used
■High security
■Built-in brake unit
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■ Performance is remarkable

Current vector control algorithm, strong load capacity, fast response speed, wide speed range

■ Wide voltage input

When the power grid voltage and frequency fluctuation, automatically adjust the output, small impact on the motor and production machinery;

■ Widely used

Covers a variety of typical load application functions to meet the needs of various applications;

■ Built-in brake unit

Compact, built-in brake unit (18.5KW and below standard)

■ RS485 communication

Standard RS485 serial communication interface, standard MODBUS communication protocol;

■ Complete protection performance

Overcurrent, overvoltage, input phase loss, output phase loss, output imbalance detection and other protection functions

■ High safety

Mature and reliable structure design, high flame retardant material, to ensure product safety.





Output voltage

0V to the input voltage

Output frequency

Low - frequency mode : 0.00Hz to 500.00Hz
High - frequency mode : 0.0Hz to 3200.0Hz

Carrier frequency

0.8khz to 16.0khz (automatic adjustment according to the load)

Overload capacity

150% / 1 min



3-phase: 380V; 50/60Hz
1-phase: 220V; 50/60Hz

the fluctuation of

3-phase: 380V AC ±15%, allowable range: 323V AC to 437V AC
1-phase: 220V AC ±15%, allowable range: 187V AC to 253V AC

Frequency range

G type: 110% for long-term, 120% for 22 min, 150% for 1min
P type: 105% for long-term, 120% for 8 min, 150% for 1min


Frequency Setting

Analog Input

0.025% of maximum output frequency

Digital Setting

0.01 Hz

Control mode

Voltage/Frequency (V/F) control, Sensorless vector control (SVC) and Feedback vector control (FVC)

Startup torque


0.25 Hz/150%


0 Hz/180%

Speed range





Speed stability


±0.5% (SVC)


±0.02% (FVC)

Torque boost

Customized boost 0.0 % to 30.0 %

V/F curve

Straight-line V/F curve, Multi-point V/F curve, Complete V/Fseparation and Half V/F separation

Wave current limit

In V/F mode, to achieve fast response and ensure the normal operation of the inverter

Ramp mode

Straight-line ramp, S-curve ramp Four separate acceleration/deceleration time: 0.1s to 6500s

Automatic voltage
regulation (AVR)

The system maintains a constant output voltage automatically when the grid voltage changes through the permissible range.

DC injection braking

DC injection braking frequency: 0 Hz to max frequency
DC injection braking active time: 0.0s to 100.0s
Current level of DC injection braking: 0% to 100%

Jog running

Frequency range of jog running: 0.00 to 50.00 Hz
Acceleration/Deceleration time of jog running:0.0s to 6500.0s

Onboard multiple
preset speeds

The system implements up to 16 speeds by using simple PLC function or by using digital input signals.

Overvoltage and
overcurrent stall

Overvoltage and overcurrent stall control

Torque limit and

The system limits the torque automatically.
Torque control is applied in vector control.

Restrain during

Specially for users with a low or unsteady voltage power grid: even lower than the allowable voltage range, the system can maintain the longest possible operating time based on its unique algorithm and residual energy allocation strategy

Control input
and output

Command source

Allows different methods of switching between command sources:
Operating panel (keypad & display), Terminal I/O control and Serial communication

Main frequency
reference setting

Allows different methods of switching between frequency reference setting channels: Digital setting, Analog voltage reference, Analog current reference, Pulse reference, Communication reference

Auxiliary frequency
reference setting

Allows fine tuning of the auxiliary frequency and main & auxiliary

Input terminals

0 to 5V keyboard potentiometer input Six digital input (X) terminals, one of which supports up to 50 kHz high-speed
pulse inputs.
Two analog input (AI) terminals, one of which supports only 0 to10 V input,and the other supports 0 to 10 V and 4 to 20 mA current input.

Output terminals

Single high-speed pulse output terminal (open-collector) for a square-wave signal
Single relay output terminal
Single extra AO terminal


RS-485 interface

Protective Function

Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, module fault, electric thermal relay, overheat, short circuit, default phase of input and output, motor parameter adjustment abnormality, internal memory fault, etc.


Five digit digital
display (LED) and
Status indicator light

Parameter setting:
Display parameter number and value.

Function code,
Data, status

Running state display:
Display operation frequency, current, etc.

Fault display: Display the fault code.


Installation location

Install the inverter where it is indoors and protected from direct sunlight,
dust and corrosive or combustible gases. Running in derated capacity above 1000m.


-10°C to +40°C (please run the VFD in derated capacity when ambient
temperature is 40°C to 50°C)

Ambient Humidity

20% to 95%RH, without condensing drops


–10°C to +50°C


Less than 0.5 g


–25°C to +65°C

Installation Method

Wall-hanging type, cabinet type


Protection Level


Cooling Method

Air cooling with fan control


Q: When will you arrange production?
A: We typically initiate production immediately upon receipt of your payment, provided the item is in stock. Otherwise, please consult with us to confirm the lead time.

Q: What is your accepted payment type?
A: We accept wire transfers, Paypal, Western Union, and Alibaba Trade Assurance. However, and Western Union, along with Alibaba Trade Assurance,  

Q: Which logistic forwarders do you usually work with?
A: We collaborate with reputable logistics providers such as EMS, TNT, UPS, FedEx, and others. You also have the option to designate your own forwarder for shipment.

Q: What voltage range can you support?

· Single 220V input, three-phase 220V output.

· Three-phase 220V input, three-phase 220V output.

· Three-phase 380V input, three-phase 380V output.

· Single-phase 380V input, three-phase 380V output.

· Single 220V input, three-phase 380V output.

· 220V/380V/480V/690V/1140V.

Q: How do you ensure product quality?
A: Our production strictly adheres to the ISO9001 quality control system. Following four rounds of quality inspection and high-temperature testing, we affix the "QA" pass label.

Q: Do you accept OEM business?
A: Yes, we gladly accept OEM and ODM projects with your authorization.

Q: Can I place a sample order?
A: Certainly, we encourage sample orders for quality testing. Mixed samples are also acceptable.

Q: What is the lead time?
A: Sample orders require 3-5 days, while mass production typically takes 1-2 weeks.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee for your products?
A: Yes, we provide an 18-month warranty.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We accept returns within 30 days of delivery for items that are damaged or defective. Please contact our customer service team to initiate the return process.

Q: How can I track my order?
A: Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email. You can use this number to track your shipment through the respective logistics provider's website.

Q: Are your products compliant with international standards?
A: Yes, our products are manufactured to meet or exceed international quality and safety standards. We ensure compliance with relevant regulations and certifications.

Q: Can I customize the specifications of a product?
A: Yes, we offer customization options for certain products. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss your specific requirements and receive a quote.

Q: What do I do if I encounter technical issues with a product?
A: In case of technical issues, please contact our technical support team. They will provide assistance, troubleshooting guidance, or arrange for necessary repairs or replacements.

Q: Is international shipping available?
A: Yes, we offer international shipping. Shipping costs and delivery times vary based on the destination. Please contact us for specific information regarding international shipments.



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